DesoPur® distinguishes itself through simple use for surface and pipeline cleaning as well as filter material regeneration. Numerous applications are internationally patent protected.

Surface cleaning:

DesoPur® not only distinguishes itself through its affectivity against biofilm, but is also compatible with bacteriostatic and chlorination because it does not contain any water quality-impairing additives.

Filter Contamination:

The problem of filter contamination is a growing challenge for many operators. The DIN19643/Teil2ff offers an outstanding possibility to evaluate through hygiene parameters (see filter function test). Many procedures only achieve short-term improvements because the biofilm cannot be completely removed.

DesoPur® Fluid System and foam made of oxidative filter contamination reduction.
DesoPur® Fluid System and foam made of oxidative filter contamination reduction.

After determining the source of contamination, it can be efficiently and economically cleaned with multi-level DesoPur®Fluid and DesoPur®Clean processing. Legionella and pseudomonas can be lastingly removed through biofilm oxidation. The DesoPur® Fluid System uses special automated dosing and circulation systems for pre- and main processing.

Regeneration of activated carbon:

DesoPur® processing also enables activated carbon regeneration (for example out of ozone systems in the filter) and thereby saves expensive material replacement including disposal and involved standstill periods.

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