FlocculationFlocculation/CoagulationFilter cleaning


Through the precipitation of organic substances, nitrate and phosphate can be bound to nutrients at season’s start (before the ‘algal bloom’) and thereby prevent algae formation.

Measurement and Control Technology

Measurement/control and dosing systems stabilize water values (, pH, oxygen, etc.) and minimize turbidity by adding water treatment products.


HydroHygen® products are added to the pond water load-dependently and help save water and energy through better treatment success.


WapoFloc can sometimes be used in combination with HydroHygen® products.

  • Wapo®Floc60

Filter Cleaning

Many filters are under considerable strain and can only function through flawless regular cleaning. WAPOTEC® offers suitable solutions.

Filtration Technology

WAPOTEC® can help you choose suitable filters with their know-how and experience. We offer various applications with many options. To ensure a filter surface that is as flat as possible, WAPOTEC® has patented the Hyflow Diffuser.

Filter Materials

Choosing the appropriate filter material combination helps enable cost-efficient and effective treatment. Treatment processes can be optimized without high investment costs with help from WAPOTEC® water conditioning methods.

Water Stabilization

Products for the oxidative cleansing and stabilization of water.

  • DesoCid®
  • WAPOTEC®Bioxydizer


WAPOTEC® helps to optimize the water treatment processes and enables considerable cost savings. WAPOTEC® and experts also aid the optimization of water treatment processes and ensure considerable cost savings.


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