WAPO®Chlor Electrolysis

Safe, reliable & efficient on-site generation of sodium hypochlorite

  • Cost efficient and virtually pH-neutral chlorine generation
  • No storage of hazardous chemicals
  • Sizable to infrastructure and operational needs
  • Remote control through intelligent telemetry
  • Low cost of ownership and low lifecycle cost
  • Rental options available

WAPOTEC® Neutralization systems

Such WAPOTEC® systems neutralize introduced acids using the WAPOTEC® neutralization granules, which are incorporated into the working water of chlorine gas dosage in their own container.

This automatically or manually controlled system is easy to use and involves uncomplicated maintenance. Depending on the dimensions, refill intervals of several months are usual.

DesoPur® cleaning technologies

DesoPur® distinguishes itself through simple use for surface and pipeline cleaning as well as filter material regeneration. Numerous applications are internationally patent protected.

HydroHygen® Water Treatment (ponds)

HydroHygen® products have been made from activated clay for over 30 years and are used for the treatment of surface water. Additional areas of use have been found in recent years due to continuous development.

In order to optimally carry out treatment goals, various product specifications are produced that are created according to treatment purposes in the pond and surface water treatment areas. HydroHygen® products are especially appropriate for reducing the following:

  • Nitrate
  • Phosphate
  • Algae
  • Microorganisms
  • Organic contamination

Continuous use in sand filters, “sharpening of plant filters” and the discontinuous sedimentation for the reduction of contaminants through bathers and to reduce phosphate/nitrate from fertilizers and other environmental entries are all prime uses. Due to its high usability even with high pH values, sewage and wastewater facilities are also good candidates for HydroHygen® products.

Surface cleaning:

DesoPur® not only distinguishes itself through its affectivity against biofilm, but is also compatible with bacteriostatic and chlorination because it does not contain any water quality-impairing additives.

WAPO®TEC Filter and multiSorp®Filter materials

WAPO®TEC filter types E,S and N come with the WAPO®TEC Hyflow fluid introduction device, sigh glasses, spotlights, air-release valves, venting valves, etc. Also available: filters with adapted filter beds, ozone-resistant models, special additions, and divided/shortened base frames, etc. Further specialties are flanged filters and on-site lamination of filters.

The filters are delivered with different heights and interior diameters of between 800 and 3000mm.

LegioCid® system cleaning

WAPOTEC developed a special process for heavily stressed facilities that dissolves biofilm and thereby inhibits recontamination.

The procedure includes simple neutralization after treatment and thereby prevents residue from entering the environment and sewer systems. This corresponds with the WAPOTEC® group’s environmental consciousness.

The LegioCid® package was conceived for small whirlpools and tubs and is easy to use.

HydroQuant® photometer, measurement-/control-/dosing systems

WAPOTEC® has considered photometry a dependable on-site measurement method with high reproducibility since the 1990’s.

Since then, HydroQuant® has stood for quality and simplicity in daily analytics. WAPOTEC offers the HydroQuant®Photometer for various uses and measurement parameters.

The specially developed, liquid HydroQuant® reagents are used worldwide and act as a reference for the identification of water quality.

HydroQuant® measurement/control systems are available for many uses (for example swimming and bathing water, drinking water, fish farms, farming). The HydroQuant®Controller VI-400 (chlorine, pH, redox) is especially well liked for use in hotels and small municipal pools due to its intuitive operation and simple service.


The WAPOTEC®SYSTEM’s products HydroSan®/HydroXan® are the most well-known product innovations from the WAPOTEC®Group and were honored at the inventor fair in Brussels (among others).

The WAPOTEC®SYSTEM represents highest water quality, clarity and comfort by minimizing chlorine reaction products as well as for cost optimization, low maintenance costs and sustainable resource use. It is a problem-solver for many municipal and commercial swimming pools.


WAPO®Floc22 is a coagulant/flocculant that combines siliceous aluminate extracted from natural clay minerals and an inorganic aluminum solution to form an innovative water treatment product. With just one formulation and one dosing pump, a wide range of contaminants can be agglomerated to large, long-chain flakes which are filtered out more easily with traditional sand filters. Clear water is an obvious sign of minimizing colloidal contamination that may otherwise react with the chlorine to produce unpleasant disinfection by products, polluting pool water and indoor air.

The bathers thus enjoy bathing pleasure without irritation of skin, eye and mucous membrane irritation.

Consulting & Engineering & Maintenance

Our experts advise you in the planning and execution of projects and answer questions about ongoing operation.

We are your contact for optimization efforts and also educate your employees according to your individual standards and needs. We accompany you in negotiations and decision-making processes in order to achieve quality and comfort-oriented water treatment.

For over 30 years, we have been known for our internationally renowned experience with effective and safe water treatment. We are in constant contact with specialists all around the world through lectures, trade fairs and conferences and are thereby familiar with the current trends and ideas. We follow internationally significant scientific insights and also lead your business into an efficient and successful future.

We also provide construction, maintenance, repair and other related services with a focus on public, commercial and industrial water treatment plants and their components.

We would be pleased to be your contact partner for your water treatment-related questions.