Many crypto cases in Arizona

Last year, Arizona saw an increase in the parasitic infection cryptosporidium, also called crypto, which is typically found in pools and recreational water. The number of cases nationwide also appear to be on the rise.

created by Franziska Gostner

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Man inhaled chlorine gas during pool cleaning

2017/09/04 – 

In Dellach / Drau (Carinthia) there was an accident during the repairs of a chlorine gas plant. Despite protective equipment, the operator inhaled...

Crypto outbreak in San Joaquin County - Fox40

San Joaquin County reported Crypto outbreak

2017/08/31 – 

17 people belonging to the risk group were infected with Cryptosporidium in San Joaquin County (California). Another 41 cases are still unconfirmed.

Low levels of Crypto can represent public health issue

2017/07/13 – 

Researchers from the University of Zaragoza (Spain) have detected Cryptosporidium oocysts and Giardia cysts in drinking water. Joaquín Quílez, one of...

WAPOTEC sponsors Austrian Sailing League Team

2017/06/13 – 

A few days ago, the first regatta of the Austrian Sailing Series with well-known world class sailors took place from june 9th to 11th in Velden am...

Crypto outbreaks related to swimming have doubled in the last two years

2017/06/06 – 

In a recently published press release, the CDC identifies twice as many crypto outbreaks linked to swimming pools and water playgrounds in 2016 as in...


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