The WAPOTEC®SYSTEM’s products HydroSan®/HydroXan® are the most well-known product innovations from the WAPOTEC®Group and were honored at the inventor fair in Brussels (among others).

The WAPOTEC®SYSTEM represents highest water quality, clarity and comfort by minimizing chlorine reaction products as well as for cost optimization, low maintenance costs and sustainable resource use. It is a problem-solver for many municipal and commercial swimming pools.

Befor and after using WAPOTEC®Systems
Befor and after using WAPOTEC®Systems

The technology is used in swim and bath basin water process and builds upon minimum treatment (sand filtration – chlorination), which is the worldwide basis for water treatment.

HydroSan®, the flocculation substance, is used in combination with WapoFlac to filter pollutants out of the water. The sand filter (as single/multiple layer filter) serves as a barrier and is optimized through correct product combination and efficiency.

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