Whirlpools and tubs:

WAPOTEC® developed a special process for heavily stressed facilities that dissolves biofilm and thereby inhibits recontamination.

The procedure includes simple neutralization after treatment and thereby prevents residue from entering the environment and sewer systems. This corresponds with the WAPOTEC® group’s environmental consciousness.

The LegioCid® package was conceived for small whirlpools and tubs and is easy to use.

Industrial water, shower water and other warm-water systems

LegioCid® processes are also useful in these systems (including washers/condensers in air-conditioners and cooling towers). Large facilities use LegioCid® processes continuously as well as discontinuously for the oxidation of biofilm. (DesoPur)

LegioCid® processes for use in industrial cooling towers
LegioCid® processes for use in industrial cooling towers

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