New drinking water source for Portland

2017/03/14 – 

A few weeks ago, the Portland Water Bureau found the Cryptosporidium oocysts in the Bull Run watershed. As parasites can still be detected in the...

Cryptosporidum found in Portland

2017/02/07 – 

During several routine tests over the past weeks, the Portland Water Bureau found the potentially “deadly” Cryptosporidium oocysts in the Bull Run...

WAPOTEC was "revolutionizing" our business

2016/07/26 – 

Automated Aquatics Canada Ltd. was incorporated in 1985, and primarily markets to municipal, institutional, hotel and condominium aquatic facilities. ...

Coming soon - Rate your Facility with the SKU Evaluator®

2016/06/23 – 

Cryptosporidium parvus can survive as oocysts in water for an extended period of time. When found in a pool it is described as a Loose Bowl Movement....

The CDC Shut Down One in Eight Public Pools for Being Totally Gross

2016/05/23 – 

Science is now backing what we've always known to be true: public swimming pools are gross. One out of every eight swimming pools in five states were...

Are swimming pools safe?

2016/04/12 – 

Summer is almost synonymous with swimming!

Water saving with WAPOTEC processes

2016/03/21 – 

UNO warns of increasing risk of water shortage on World Water Day


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