WAPOTEC helps you to minimize crypto risks and to make your pool crypto free!

Outbreaks of Cryptosporidium parvum infections (cryptosporidiosis) linked to swimming pools and water playgrounds are increasingly being reported to CDC. In the last years outbreaks has doubled. But why is Crypto such a problem?

  • Only 10% of liquid fecal incidents are believed to be discovered or reported.
  • Crypto testing is very difficult and time consuming to implement.
  • In a busy pool standard disinfectant residuals are already struggling to cope with increased organic contamination. Additional contamination caused by accidental discharge of liquid fecal matter puts even more stress on the system, particularly when systems, such as precoat filters or sand filters without coagulant use, are undersized or simply incapable to remove colloids from the water.
  • Furthermore the resilience of this parasite is a key problem as the parasite is a master of survival. Crypto is very resistant to chlorine, the most common disinfection agents in pools.
  • And … when an outbreaks strikes, reported crypto cases lead to expended pool closure, substantial cost of remediation, income and image loss for the whole facility.

Improve your treatment process and make your pool Crypto fit!

WAPOTEC has been involved in remediation of crypto-contaminated systems for more than 20 years by helping operators to respond to incidents quickly and effectively.

Get the most of our Know-How. Reduce the risk of pool closure due to undetected outbreaks in your facility.

We know the critical factors increasing a potential risks for Crypto contamination. Our custom engineered solutions of evaluation, information and prevention help you to minimize the Crypto exposure risks! Our unique and innovative strategies, including the Crypto Stresst Test, are easy to use and compatible to most treatment plants.

Let us help you to improve your treatment process and make your pool Crypto fit. Ask us for the Crypto Stress Test for your facility!


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