About us

WAPOTEC is an internationally recognized company

WAPOTEC GmbH is an internationally acknowledged company that has developed global recognition with its high-quality and qualified consultancy in process optimization.

The field of activity includes numerous sectors of water treatment. Our experts support process optimization and planning with its technical knowledge. We regularly exchange our worldwide experiences with authorities, decision-makers and business leaders.

We are a family business whose flat organizational structure, high innovative power (research and development), customer relationship competence and diversification set it apart from others. Rather than striving for short-lived profit optimization, we aim for long-term customer relationships. We guarantee sustainable value for all those involved in projects through close customer relationships (Stakeholder Value).

The WAPOTEC®Group is an informal fusion of several independent firms. The WAPOTEC®Group firms have been active for over 30 years. They develop, produce and distribute unique patented products and solutions in the areas of swimming, drinking, pond, sewage and industrial waters as well as treatment plant hygiene. In addition, we also deal with the development, planning, production, sales and marketing of electrolysis equipment, measurement/control/dosing systems as well as filter equipment. The group is presently comprised of the following:

  • TCDO Produktionsgesellschaft m.b.H., Salzburg/Austria
  • WAPOTEC GmbH, Salzburg/Austria; Newmarket, Ontario (Canada)

We have access to the know-how and resources need to internationally market intellectual property through our cooperation with P&W Invest Vermögens-Verwaltungsgesellschaft m.b.H.