After pool parasite outbreak, Wake County works to keep water safe

In a few weeks on Memorial Weekend, 39 pools at 17 locations...

WAPOTEC®SYSTEM installed at Dagály Aquatics Arena

WAPOTEC®SYSTEM installed at Dagály Aquatics Arena in...

WAPOTEC honoured with GOLDEN WAVE Innovation Award

On Thursday, March 30th, 2017, the three best projects in 8...

Energy Globe Salzburg - Sustainability Award 2017

On March 21st, the most sustainable projects in Salzburg...

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WAPOTEC is an intellectual property company with a specialty in water treatment.

One of our channels of distribution is the trade serving the municipal and commercial pool market. WAPOTEC provides customized process optimization of pool water treatment and specially developed products (HYDROSAN®/HYDROXAN®) with resources of Austria. Custom-built electrolysis, measuring systems and filtration plants complement the portfolio and provide sustainable customer benefits.

40 Countries served

200 patents

9,104,490 m³ water treated since 2000

120 Marken


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