WAPOTEC does well and Piscine Oggi talks about it

In Dezember 2017 the italian pool magazine Piscine Oggi...

Man inhaled chlorine gas during pool cleaning

In Dellach / Drau (Carinthia) there was an accident during...

Crypto outbreak in San Joaquin County - Fox40

San Joaquin County reported Crypto outbreak

17 people belonging to the risk group were infected with...

Low levels of Crypto can represent public health issue

Researchers from the University of Zaragoza (Spain) have...

WAPOTEC sponsors Austrian Sailing League Team

A few days ago, the first regatta of the Austrian Sailing...

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WAPOTEC is an intellectual property company with a specialty in water treatment.

One of our channels of distribution is the trade serving the municipal and commercial pool market. WAPOTEC provides customized process optimization of pool water treatment and specially developed products (HYDROSAN®/HYDROXAN®) with resources of Austria. Custom-built electrolysis, measuring systems and filtration plants complement the portfolio and provide sustainable customer benefits.

40 Countries served

200 patents

9,104,490 m³ water treated since 2000

120 Marken


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